Budgeting Advice

WBarry Wilcox 1e have free budget advice on Tuesdays 10am-3pm (by appointment only).   Call  Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust 07 838 1339 to book an appointment

The following information is required for your appointment:

• Latest Bank statement covering one month’s transactions – essential


•Work and Income Benefit Breakdown1782034_10153101480910460_3464510292352413522_n

•Telephone/ Power Bills

•Hire Purchases/loans details

•Credit card statements

•Court Fine details

•Any other bills

•Any other documents you think may be helpful

Please note: if you cannot attend your appointment due to an EMERGENCY OR SICKNESS please ring to either cancel or reschedule. 07 838 1339 or free number 0800211211 and ask “Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust”

If we do not receive notification, a THREE MONTH STANDDOWN will apply before you can book another appointment.




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